YOGA magazine was established in 2003. It enjoys a reputation for innovative editorial, dynamic content and providing readers with an experience of yoga and lifestyle. The magazine covers a diverse range of subjects. Its popularity stems from its diversity of content. Alongside its regular pages, anatomy, intermediate and advanced practical asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing) and/or meditation exercises, the magazine also includes work-outs, features, tips, advice, organic and lifestyle stories, beauty, what's hot pages, vedic astrology, fashion, nutrition and healthy eating recipes, veganaury, social activism, fair-trade, organic and natural products, ayurveda, celebrities, Travel, Yoga Styles, Yoga Schools, Yoga Studios, Yoga Teachers, Yoga history, Sanskrit, Philosophy, Spritial profiles, ancient texts and more. The magazine has covered the range and depth of yoga related topics not only ranging from practical yoga but also lifestyle.

The magazine's contributors have been drawn from the widest possible sections of the yoga world, to provide the reader with a continuually 'fresh' voice. Unique about the magazine is the fact that it is truly Independent and exists only for the purpose of educating the mainstream about an ancient disicipline and for encouraging its practice - to improve the quality of life. It is not associated with any other magazines, companies, schools or outlets. This Independence means that our readers get a magazine that is packed with impartial content. Our readers come from the grass-roots of the yoga community.

YOGA Magazine was set up not as a commerical ventue, but from a passion to provide a platform that can share the wonderful ancient discipline of yoga. It grew organically and is now a 'national' brand -with a strong International presence.

We continue to strive to cover editorial from a range of perspectives and yoga establishments. Our success is not because of 'us' - but due to the support we continue to receive from the yoga community. That support is critical to continue putting out a monthly magazine.