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NAMASTE Dear YOGA Magazine readers, Thanks for buying YOGA Magazine. Our success depends on the support we receive from you. March beckons the early inklings of spring-time when new and fresh life arrives and blossoms in Nature. It is an ideal month for us too, to spring-clean just about everything – mind, body, environment and spirit. Yoga off ers a wide range of cleansing techniques to help you declutter, cleanse and enliven your mind, body and spirit. Swami Saradananda uncovers the cleansing power of yoga providing an overview of the techniques you too could incorporate easily into your lifestyle including chitra meridian visualizations, Nasagra Dristhi, Shambhavi Mudra and lots more. In this month’s edition we have exclusive features from Teal Swan, Vex King, Peter Max (Co-founder of Integral Yoga Institute, New York). We’ve also got a diverse range of subjects including Chromo-yoga, the Orlando Cat Café where you can practice yoga with cats, Dr ‘Z’ Altug’s golden tips for Integrative Healing, Holly Warren’s focus on transgerity in yoga practice, Cassandra Barnes writing on the health benefi ts of Miso and everyone’s favourite British TV Star Melanie Sykes and Rhiannon Lambert sharing their tips on eating healthily. Helen Wang provides some perfectly easy ways to swap your naughty high calorie snacking with healthy vegan alternative ones. Carole A. Rice provides advice on how to spot toxic relationships and April Kirkwood explains the tell-tale signs that your relationship may be over. We’ve also covered Bamford fashion pieces and Ian Murphy, Co-Founder of men’s grooming brand, Bullet & Bone – two very British companies driving innovation and changes. There’s also all our regular pages, beginner, intermediate, advanced poses and how to perform them, what’s hot, reviews, Vedic astrology and lots more. Love your mind, love your body, love your spirit – love YOGA. In peace and love. Yogi Dr Malik