January 2016

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Welcome to the January issue of YOGA Magazine. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday with your loved ones and you are feeling recharged and ready for another yoga-packed year. To get you started feeling and looking fantastic, there's a brilliant new Yoga Gym workout to build a balanced body that combines breathing exercises, yang and ying poses, dynamic flows and yogacises, yoga based bodyweight movements. And to inspire you through the cold winter months and into spring and beyond, there are some simple tips to elevate your mind, body and soul. We also begin our series on pranayama, with an intro-duction to these ancient yogic breathing exercises, and Swami Kailasananda of the Sivananda Yoga Ve-danta Centres guides us through mantras, the pow-erful sounds that can help release blocked energies. This month's guest teachers Eugene Vegan Butcher and Pip Elysium show us the beauty and skill of Ac-royoga through a High Flying Whale Sequence, and our modern detox provides some tasty and nutri-tional rec