February 2017

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This month Tara Lee introduces to ParaYoga, founded by Rod Stryker, which blends elements of yoga, meditation and Tantra; and this month Tara provides a wonderful solar sequence to feel positive, warm and invigorated, before guiding us through a lunar sequence to soothe and bal- ance in our March issue. American teacher Pam Rini delivers a ‘Be Brave’ arm balance sequence to strengthen the arms, open the hips while increasing focus and con - dence, and concluding her enlightening series, Jilly Shipway provides more Seasonal Yoga tips to use the power of the coming spring to get your ideas out into the world, connect to your inner wisdom and cultivate loving relationships. We also meet ve yogis turned ethical designers, who are helping to change what we’re wearing both on and o the mat, and we pro le Robert Hansen, later initiated as Subramuniyaswami, who sparked a Hindu renaissance in America. And don’t forget to enter this month’s competi- tion, where there’s a chance to win £250 of styl- ish Wellicious yoga clothing and loungewear and a year’s subscription to Yogaia – the online yoga site featuring hundreds of live and on-demand classes. I hope you enjoy reading the magazine, and I look forward to catching up with you next month.