March 2017

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Tara Lee returns with a ParaYoga lunar se- quence to help balance the nervous system, re- lieve stress and encourage relaxation and better sleep, and there are 12 small, but signi cant tips to build spiritual growth and spiritual strength. We also take a look at yoga tools for treating ‘tech neck’ – symptoms of chronic pain from overusing our mobile phones, tablets and com- puters – and mindfulness expert Neil Seligman shows how to incorporate mindfulness into daily practice. This month’s guest teacher, is the highly re- spected Esther Ekhart, who demonstrates three poses before guiding us through a delightful Vasisthasana workout which creates strength and opens up the hips, hamstrings, shoulders and sides of the body. There’s also an interesting animal ow workout to help build strength, exibility and stability which can help improve your yoga practice, and we investigate whether eating late makes you fat, plus there’s a chance to win a home study nutrition course. I hope you enjoy reading the magazine, and I look forward to meeting up with you next month.