July 2017

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This month we welcome Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, founders of Tone It Up, the inspirational body fitness and lifestyle community for women, who provide a wonderful yoga flow workout that targets the obliques, hamstrings, inner thighs, transverse abdominals, triceps and deltoids. We also take a look at how mudras can be used in a modern day yoga practice, and with millions of people suffering with back pain, we feature a sequence for lower back maintenance that not only strengthens the core, which helps to support the lower back, it also helps to release tightness in the hips, hamstrings and adductors which can pull the pelvis out of alignment and create lower back misalignment. Our guest teacher, Emma Content, guides us through three poses before a sequence designed for mums-to-be that nourishes acceptance and encourages mindfulness and steadiness. Plus there’s tuning in to intuitive eating, yoga for anxiety, a rough guide for dealing with emotions and lots more. And don’t forget to enter our fantastic competition, where one reader will have the chance to win a £250 Wellicious clothing voucher and lavender sleep inducing eyemask, plus a place on a Super Sleep Yoga course with Lisa San lippo. I hope you enjoy reading the magazine and I look forward to meeting up with you in August. NAMASTE Yogi Malik