September 2017

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This month there’s how to find perfect balance through Ayurveda, and we show you how to administer your own Ayurvedic facial massage that’s guaranteed to give fantastic results. We also provide a wonderful Kundalini yoga sequence for happiness, and we take a look at science and yoga, and see what research-based evidence is there for yoga’s e ectiveness, and ask whether this matters for a yoga practitioner. Our guest teacher Jo Eastham guides us through Garudasana (Eagle pose), Utthita Pada Sirasa- sana (Headstand Splits) and Eka Pada Koundin- yasana 2 (One-Legged Arm Balance variation), before a sequence that encourages our body to meet the mind to leave us feeling relaxed, re- charged and revitalised. Plus there’s fasting the mind, house clearing and nine simple secrets to setting yourself free! I hope you enjoy reading the magazine and I look forward to meeting up with you next month. NAMASTE Yogi Malik