November 2017

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This month we feature a QiGong Flow workout that consists of gentle, fluid movements to boost organ and meridian health in the mind, body and spirit and balance our emotional states; and we also unfold the best poses to practice to achieve Padmasana, the Lotus pose. For those hitting the slopes this winter, we have the best poses to help keep your body strong and supple so you can the best out of your skiing, and we take a look at the growing yoga scene in Israel. We also look at how meditation can help your children sleep with steps to changing your child’s bedroom routine, and there are some delicious juice recipes to help refuel you after your yoga session. Our guest teacher Donna Noble guides us through three poses for differing abilities before a delightful ‘Self Love’ home sequence specifically designed to cultivate compassion and self-acceptance. Plus there’s a profile on Indra Devi – ‘International Ambassador of Yoga’; we look at yoga for the immune system and we feature the best in beauty and fashion. And don’t forget to enter our fantastic competition, where you can win a 3-day UK based retreat with Adventure Yogi next year. I hope you enjoy reading the magazine, and I look forward to meeting up with you in December. Namaste YogiMalik